There are no authentic documents to prove the establishment of this Pilgrim Centre. However evidences are there to prove that this church has existed during the period when Sakthan Thampuran (1775-1790) reigned over the erstwhile Cochin Province. It is believed that the church which is an epitome of an ancient era, dating back to the 14th Century, was established on September 8, 1381

Popular Beliefs

The church has many popular beliefs woven around it. Six centuries back Kerala was divided into numerous provinces ruled by kings and landlords. Two of such neighbouring landlords were Koratty Kaimal and Kodassery Kartha. The descendents of these two feudal lords live in Koratty even now, and this adds on to the authenticity of this belief about the origin of the Koratty Church. Under the feudal lord, Koratty Kaimal, many Christians served in the army. In a battle between Kaimal and Kartha many were killed. Sri Kavalakkadan Kochu Vareed, the commander of the Kaimal army was one among the dead. At the time the Catholics had only one church in that area – at Ambazhakkad. Kaimal made all arrangements for the funeral of Sri. Kochu Vareed to be held in full military honours and religious rituals at the Ambazhakkad church. But his rival, Kodassery Kartha interfered and the burial could not take place there. The funeral procession had to return. In between, the pall-bearers had to rest and they placed the coffin down. When they tried to lift the coffin again they found to their astonishment, that it was firmly stuck to the ground and they could not lift. Knowing this, Koratty Kaimal made all arrangements for the burial there itself and gave instruction to build a church for the welfare of his Christian subjects. Today at that spot stands a granite stone cross. Kaimal gave away lots of land, free from tax, to sustain the rituals in the church. This church gradually was known as the Marian Pilgrim Centre of Koratty Muthy.

Koratty Muthy

Koratty Muthy


Another strong popular belief is that connected with offering of Poovankula. Years back a devotee of Koratty Muthy hailing from Meloor, another hamlet 10 km away from Koratty was bringing a bunch of a special variety of plantain (locally called “Poovan pazham”) to be offered to Koratty Muthy. Enroute when the devotee reached Muringoor, a rich farmer who was getting some work done through the labourers in his farm asked the devotee to give two plantains from the bunch. The devotee refused as the entire bunch was an offering to Koratty Muthy. The rich man got irritated and forcibly plucked two plantains from the bunch and ate it. He developed a pain in his stomach and started wreathing. The stomach ache continued unabated in spite of so many treatments. The physicians told him that there was no apparent sign of any disease as such and the only remedy could be to repent the misdeed and make reparation. And the rich man gave away half of the land in which he had put his labourers to work as an offering to Koratty Muthy. No sooner had he done this, the stomach ache vanished.



There is another popular belief connected with Koratty Angady Railway Station. During one of the festivals of Koratty Muthy, one of the trains which was not scheduled to stop at Koratty Angady screeched to a halt when it reached Koratty Angady. All efforts to restart turned futile. Hearing the fire works and drum beats at the festival, passengers in the train alighted and visited the church and paid their homage to Koratty Muthy. When they came back, to their surprise, the engine roared back to life and the train moved. The formation of Koratty Angady Railway Station was, indeed, an offering made by the officials on that day to Koratty Muthy.


Yet, another popular belief is about the Thread Mill at Koratty. Initially the spot where the mill is situated today was planned to be a military Air Base, during the Second World War. Many labourers were employed for the quick completion of the work. In spite of the hectic efforts laid down by the contractor, there was no apparent progress in the work. It is said, a mysterious lady with a child in her hand used to interrupt the work throughout. The contractor was aghast seeing no progress in the work. The mysterious lady with a child in her hand is believed to be Koratty Muthy. The contractor made models of spade and other work tools in silver and placed them at the feet of Koratty Muthy as an offering, followed by a huge procession. There are enough and more witnesses who saw this procession and offerings. In the end the contractor gave up the plan to make a military Air Base. In its place Jumna Thread Mill came up. This provided employment to thousands of people from Koratty and its suburbs. In later years the company was closed down and after a gap of many years it is reopened. The devotees believe this to be one of the miracles of Koratty Muthy.



Hundreds of the devotees bear testimony of having received the miracles and blessings of Koratty Muthy. People throng in groups at all times through out the year seeking blessings of the heavenly Mother.



Devotees crawl from the Main Entrance to the Main Altar on their knees; sometimes even with their children on the back, a gesture of gratitude and surrender. Many bear testimony to the miracles of Koratty Muthy like having children after a long gap, safe child birth, mental happiness, having employment and shelter etc. Newly wed couples, particular, visit the Shrine to seek the blessings of Koratty Muthy for a happy married life. It is a moving sight to see pilgrims thronging in front of Koratty Muthy with teary eyes and prayers. 

The devotees take home plantain, dry it, powder it and preserve it in sanctity. They believe that this powder is an excellent remedy for ailments like stomach-ache.


 The new church

The church of Koratty Muthy which had been a center for spiritual solace for thousands of devotees was taken for renovation to increase the facilities. The new church was blessed on September 8th, 1987. The interior of the church has been beautifully decorated with engraving historical pictures and relief works.