Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Popular Beliefs

Another strong popular belief is that connected with offering of Poovankula. Years back a devotee of Koratty Muthy hailing from Meloor, another hamlet 10 km away from Koratty was bringing a bunch of a special variety of plantain (locally called "Poovan pazham") to be offered to Koratty Muthy. Enroute when the devotee reached Muringoor, a rich farmer who was getting some work done through the labourers in his farm asked the devotee to give two plantains from the bunch. The devotee refused as the entire bunch was an offering to Koratty Muthy. The rich man got irritated and forcibly plucked two plantains from the bunch and ate it. He developed a pain in his stomach and started wreathing. The stomach ache continued unabated in spite of so many treatments. The physicians told him that there was no apparent sign of any disease as such and the only remedy could be to repent the misdeed and make reparation. And the rich man gave away half of the land in which he had put his labourers to work as an offering to Koratty Muthy. No sooner had he done this, the stomach ache vanished.