Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Unit Level

The Parish is divided into 24 family units. Each unit has an average of 75 familes. Each unit has ten committee members including President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer elected from among them. Their term of office is two years. Every month on a particular day (fixed permanently) unit meeting is held. After a prayer session (Bible reading, reflection, prayer of the faithful) discussions are held on matters concerning faith, morals and social. The meeting starts at 5.30 p.m and ends at 7 p.m. After the concluding prayer, the participants greets each other 'Praise be to Jesus Christ'.

All the family members are supposed to attend the meeting. However, 75% of the family members participate in the monthly meetings.

In all the unit meetings Priest and two women religious attend and guide the unit proceedings.

Every year an Annual Day celebration is held. First, Holy Mass is celebrated in the house followed by Agape and public gathering. Before the annual celebration, competition on religious, literary and sports items are held and prizes are distributed at the Annual Day celebration.

Parish Level

At the Parish level there is a central committee. The parish priest is the Chairman, Ex-Officio. The Vice Chairman is elected in the General body consisted of all the office bearers of 24 family units. Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer are also elected from the General body itself. Every 4th sunday of the month central committee is held and discuss matters concerning parish and the society and chalk out plans to implement them effectively.

Annual Day at the Centre

Every two year Annual Day celebration is held on the Parish Level in the month of May. On that day new office bearers take oath and later take charge in the respective unit meetings. On the day of annual celebration the faithful come in procession to the church praying and chanting devotional songs. The Holy Mass is offered by the Parish Priest for the faithful, followed by a general gathering in the evening. After the normal procedure of the meeting which lasts one hour, variety entertainments are held. In this general gathering prizes are distributed to the winners of the competitions, held in the Parish level and also prizes are awarded to the first best three units.

Parish Bulletin

Parish bulletin is published quarterly to co-ordinate the family unit activities, to make the people know important events that will take place during this period. It contains a message from the parish priest, parish diary etc.

Social Activities

1. Building houses for the poor
2. Helping the poor sick person

Religious Instructions

 : Every Sunday
 : 9.30 to 12.30
Total No. of Students
 : 1400
Total No. Teachers
 : 65
Parent-Teachers Association
(Elected from 24 Family Units)
 : 24 Members

Other Features

·     Forane council

·     Archdiocese Council

·     Termly Examination, Annual Examination

·     Scholarship Examination

Cash is awarded to the first Rank Holder of each classes.
Prizes are awarded to those who secures 80% and above marks in both examination.
Intensive Course is conducted every year in the first week of April